Sep 25, 2008


I wanted to get outside for the day & wanted to try out my new tealite stove I made in the video below. It was pretty successful in cooking my food even though I had to get a stand figured out before it started doing well. I cooked mac & cheese with dehydrated hamburger that had taco seasoning in it already. It tasted really good


I was inspired by some video's other people's stoves they'd come up with & thought this was a good idea. I tinkered with these for a few days & still have a few lil ones I wanna try out. This stove weight almost nothing but are very fragile


There are many tutorials on how to make pop can/ hobo/ alcohol stoves on the internet & youtube. I had't seen very many good video's explaining in detail how it was made. A viewer of mine had requested this video & I happily made it for him. If you have a video you'd like to see me do, plz visit or leave me a comment here



Sep 22, 2008


These are 2 stoves i built to test the amount of fuel burned. there are a few tradeoffs between 1 & the other. I really like the Penny Stove cuz it burns longer & is easy to blow out. The open stove lights quick without having to prime it . These stoves can be hard to prime on a cold day

Sep 8, 2008


This bowl I tried out was a pretty cool & rewarding little project. It took nearly 3-4 days to burn...while taking break. Its very time consuming. Prepare lots of small kindling type wood for best results. Mud can also be used to mask/cover areas you don't want the extreme heat touching or burning it!


I compared a regular matches against wax dipped matches. The wax waterproofs the match head pretty well & if the match is submerged in water for more than 5-10 minutes, it might be ruined. It protects them from any short-term exposure to water. The wax also allows a match to burn longer cuz the wood doesn't burn as fast with the wax.

When you strike the match, you wanna make sure to pick off the wax around the match head. if not, theres a good chance you'll ruin your sandpaper striker. Strike Anywhere Matches are what you want this lil project

Sep 6, 2008


I was just doin a few little projects & thought i'd share! I painted my mess kit green just cuz I thought it would look cool & match the rest of my gear. Its mostly green too!

I found a little gumball lookin thing all over the ground & i've not yet identified the thing! i will work on that. I found that if you break it up, it has fine fibers that will catch a spark very well. I was surprised how well it worked

Sep 4, 2008


This "Fire Starting Kit" was inspired by a few other kits I'd seen put together. It has just about everything you'd need to get one going!!

1) Lighter

2) Magnifine Glass that I took out of a telescope...

3) Flint Rod & 4" Saw Zaw carbon steel blade. the carbon steel makes a bigger/hotter spark...

4) Dry Tinder Tin with matches, a few cottonballs w/ wood shavings & twigs. this is incase my surrounding resources are wet & I need a small fire goin quickly & easily to get the wet tinder I've collected dry enough to catch fire...

5) Water Proof "Strike Anywhere" Matches dipped in candle wax. Make sure to lightly pick off the wax on the head before you strike it on the sandpaper, otherwise the wax will fill in between the grit & you have a hell of a time!...

6) Flattened "Duriflame" peice of a log. Let it sit out in the sun for 15 minutes & you should beable to make it into any shape you want! It has a chemical excellerent in it that aids in keeping the fire goin strong!...

7)Char Cloth has carbon deposites on it that act like charcoal & it holds an ember from a spark for an greater amount of time so you can get the embers tranfered from the cloth into the dry tinder you have ready!...

8)Dryer Lint works great...cottonballs & dryer lint will catch a spark very easily & burn long enough to get your tinder lit. If you've ever held a lighter up to your new socks & watched the flame go crazy around your foot, thats an example of how easily it will catch!...

9) Vasaline Soaked Cottonballs will catch a flame easily & with the patrolium jelly on them, they will burn for nearly 5-10 minutes depending on the amount applied! Be sure to have a backup Flint & Steel & cottonballs / dry tinder available in a seperate part of your pack incase you lose your kit